One of the absorbing things revolving about RS Gold trades is that this accurate bazaar can be abounding with scams. Not alone do humans spiral you because there are bad apples in the trading sphere, but aswell abundant of the RS gold on the bazaar is farmed. Player Auctions screens out such chancy “farmed” and “cheapest RuneScape Gold” offers from the exchange by responding bound to user complaints and suspending accordant sellers.

The aisle from akin 60 to 70 is not actual simple after the appropriate ways.

  • Vigilance Quests: When you ability akin 60, accomplishing Vigilance Quests is a acceptable way to akin up fast. These quests are repeatable and brace every hour, so you can plan on them all day if you like.
  • Underdark Campaign: At akin 60, you can activate the Dwarven King adventure arc of the Neverwinter campaign. This consists of nine Chapters (quests) that have to be completed afore alpha the primary Underdark campaign.

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Azure dragons, in the anatomy of the Anagami and Arhats in the spirit branch of Seiryu, accept apparent a amount of flaws in the aboriginal stages of the Arc devcelopment. I accept accepted some improvements be fabricated back the latest Arc update, but it turns out the dragons had not been bigger yet.

The account of issues are as follows:

1) The dragons are actual long, which is accomplished as I can acquaint the architecture is based off the Chinese adaptation of dragons to add to the Eastern theme. However, the bang ambit is horrendously large. To be honest, the bang ambit charge not be the absolute the breadth of the dragon or contrarily players will misclick on added dragons if aggravating to abstain their target’s appropriate lightning balls.

2) A lot of approved drops are not account kills. Simply put, unless you accept admission to invention, their drops are debris for the effort, time and assets spent to kill. The attenuate bead in actuality should not be ‘very rare’ or ‘1/500’ about from what I aggregate from wikia as it does not atone abundant for assets spent. Praying to RNGesus just removes the address of these dragons if the approved drops of a monster is this low in amount – players should instead get 1/500 adventitious of accepting the actual attenuate bead and is affirmed the bead every 500 kills counting from the moment a bead is received. The calculation resets every time the actual attenuate bead is received. Either this, or at atomic accord bigger drops like rune for top abracadabra and affairs of adornment aloft sapphire.

3) Alone some items are account it like baptize talismans and baptize battlestaves which aren’t that accepted compared to abortive azure jewelry. And their problem? Their acclaimed forms attending absolutely like the blue-grey ambiance and blends in so able-bodied it’s harder to see let abandoned bang on. All that shows are red dots on the mini map which don’t advice abundant either. Best to use a added allegory adumbration of colour for the ambiance to analyze acclaimed drops from, well, the floor.

4) I awful agnosticism Jagex learnt their assignment from V’s adventure that it is batty to cover rng in accepting aberrant or attenuate items for quests or mini quests as they added books into the arc mini adventure as a one time pre requisite to entering the spirit realm. In addition, the books are confusing. Players are not told they charge to allocution to Lim afterwards award anniversary of the three books and not are they told they accept to apprehend anniversary book afore award the next one or abroad they will acquisition echo copies of the book they accept not apprehend yet.

That’s about it from me. Hope these issues get looked into.

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Ever aback the morning amend the day “patch week” popped up in the antechamber news.

I can no best amount my beyond aerial accouterments in preset and accretion the furnishings of it… I’ve fabricated assorted posts, tweets, reddits,RS Gold facebook messages, bug letters for the endure 3-4 canicule its been broke…

So basically if u are accomplishing runecrafting runs and go to quick amount presets, the bold doesnt annals that the absolute accouterments is getting worn? but if i in fact yield a section off and on, it afresh registers in the bold (the particles tht appear if abounding appropriate skilling accouterments is equipped)

But as anon as I amount in on a preset afresh im clumsy to ample it with essence, unless i unequip and re accouter it again… and that can get reeeallly annoying if active runes via abyss…. pls pls pls fix this is huge inconveniance to humans like me who paid $70 IRL to ge this suit…. and i aswell consistently run runes 3-4 hours a day…. plsplspls fix… if u are a appointment mod pls get jmod absorption on this plsplspls.

Do you use the preset to ample it or just to accouter it? If it’s to accouter it you can just save account presets and leave it on. I’m accomplishing that and I never noticed a aberration afterwards the update…

Yep, been like this aback the application update. Lots of complaints, but a assertive F-Mod keeps locking all the accoutrement that accompany up this problem. It’s cool annoying even just accomplishing circadian abandoned awning tele runs.

File your bug report… I accumulate filing it every day until they fix this above issue.

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